The balance of system (BOS) the implanting of all components of a solar power system with the exception of solar panels. This include wiring, switches, mounting system, protection device etc.

AC Cables

It connected to the inverter and then to the household connection. LT and HT cables are AC cables with a higher voltage rated capacity.These cables are used to connect inverters to household applies. Where these cables optimize efficiency and minimize line losses. 

DC Cables

It connected to the module and then to the inverter. Are two types first string DC cables are used to interconnect solar modules and to connect modules with string combiner boxes or an array combiner boxes. Second main DC cables These cables are used to connect array combiner boxes with inverters. These cables carry high current.

Earthing Cable

Prevent from harm to the solar components to protect from heavy current flow. it prevent or at least minimize the damage to the components due to flow of extra high voltage. It also improve the reliability to supply of power. DC earthing prevent the modules and AC earthing prevents the inverter n others. 

Protection Device

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) minimize the potential impact during lightning. Easy to install and access for best maintenance. it comes with high resistance panel for use in all conditions. The use of adapt the surge protection is highly recommended. 

Lightening Arrester

It help to prevent surge and lightning damage because u cannot control weather effect. The damage cause by due to the lightning, this lightning arrester protect from them by transmitting the current directly to the ground because lightning arrester made up from very good quality material.


The Solar Junction Box is box loop on the module where the solar modules strings are directly connected to them. The junction box gathers various wires and moves them into a typical conductor sheath. The junction box is used to protect the wiring. They are genuinely low cost yet a basic part in a solar power system.


It’s an energy meter which help to give you an information regarding how much energy you are consuming or withdrawing from solar energy.  ACDB it comprises of breakers, isolators, current and voltage monitoring. It can provide protection.


It distribute the DC current to the others equipment’s it used to protect the system if there is any fault during failure in DC side.  DCDB is used for the purpose of protecting the system irrespective of it being solar panels or batteries.

Switch Gear

It is a protection for the both power supply AC and DC. Solar power plant supplies require DC and AC Isolators so that the inverter can be isolated from both supplies for maintenance. The solar system should be connected to intricate circuit. 


MC4 connector  it used to connect solar panels to each other. Several modules can managing Solar Cables and Connectors: For Safety and Longevity of Solar Power System easily be connected to form a string.  It is a round plastic housing with a single conductor in a paired male/female configuration developed by the Multi-Contact Corporation.


it’s a mounting system used to fix the solar panels on surface, field, roof, etc. The mounting system used to attach the solar panels to the roof. The structure of solar system generally made of aluminum that been galvanized (coating of zinc) to prevent corrosion from every climate. Mounting system can be in various shapes and sizes depending on the roof and the manufacture. 

Breaker Box

It contain the fuse to protect the household applies. All electricity produce by the solar flow into the house go through the breaker box. The main electricity flows into the box, where it split into the separate circuit. When the fuse trips the electric circuit of the house shuts down. Breaker box has to be installed due to potential of high voltage output.

AC/DC Disconnected

AC and DC disconnect are basically an electrical switch. They can be utilized to separate the different parts of the system from each other. They are required in any solar system that is tied into the electric circuit and important to connect the Ac and Dc disconnect to work safely.