The procedure apply on commercial application same as like residential solar system with few exceptions. Where the mostly in residential off-grid criteria apply on the other hand the on-grid criteria apply in commercial. In commercial solar system inverter matched with the larger wattage solar panels which provide power for all sorts of commercial application like hospitals, oil-gas industry, school, government facilities.

How does commercial solar works

  1. Solar panels are mounted on roof structure or on ground of commercial facility like field, parking lot etc.
  2. When the sunlight drop on the solar panels the solar cell send all the energy to the inverter which convert the DC power from solar panels to the AC power
  3. Commercial inverters are available in wide variety of power level it’s from 2.5kW to 250kW
  4. 10 years parts and labor warranties are standard for inverters, and 20 to 25 year warranties for solar panels.
  5. The energy travels from the inverter to the breaker box, where it’s distribute the electricity
  6. The engagement of net metering is between you and your utility company where you can sell your electricity directly to them. They will credit your account by this.

Advantages of solar in commercial

Decrease Tax Liability

Increment Brand Equity

25+ Years in Bill Savings

Minimum Maintenance

Low Operating Cost

Range to Invest in Others Opportunities

Acknowledge Peace of Mind

How It Works.?

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