Net Metering Solar

The way how power is charged emphatically impacts of the solar energy power plant. To completely saddle the advantages of the ventures, the last client ought to be capable to take advantage of metering                                   Net Metering Solar

There are two types of metering 

1-Net metering

2-Gross metering

Net metering solar and gross metering both have been increased over past few years in the solar industry.

All we know that the nuclear and other Non-Renewable energy resources are limited. However, the renewable energy resources, solar energy is easily available all across the world the only energy come from never ending source, because of the sun.

There are two types of system in solar energy:-

1-Off grid system

2-On-grid system

Off-grid system mainly uses where the no electricity system by the grid. Like camping area, army front posts etc. these are the where this system is used.

On-grid system is connected where the electricity is available in the urban area. Usually, the energy produced in urban area generated by the solar power plant. APPLY FOR SOLAR PROJECT


Net Metering Solar

Net metering systems are primarily aimed at providing an opportunity to consumers to offset their electricity bills, wherein a single meter records both imports of conventional energy from distribution grid and export of solar energy into distribution grid. Thus, net metering allows the final user to credit produced energy in the grid and is also promoted as a preferred option.

It calculates the exact value of what you generate and what you consume of energy.

It is the connection between the power plant owner and utility company. By this, you can sell the excess energy production to the utility companies.


You have installed the solar power plant in your rooftop with the 20 unit of energy production in a day. Now, if you use 10 unit per day the remaining unit of power plant production, you can sell them directly to the utility companies. After the process, they will pay you for this.

net metering solar, gross metering

Gross Metering

Gross metering systems are aimed at rooftop owners/third party investors who will like to sell energy to the DISCOM by using roofs owned by them or another party. It is also known as feed-in metering wherein, all the energy generated from the system is exported to the grid and is separately recorded through a different 'feed-in meter'. The developer exports the solar energy to the utility at a predetermined feed-in-tariff (FiT) approved by the regulator, and the third party investors/RESCO developers enter into a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the utility. Only grid-connected solar systems can be gross-metered.

The solar system is directly connected to the utility grid.

The whole output is directly transferred to the grid.

Utilities companies provide the excess energy purchase procedure according to the pre-determined rates.


If you have solar system on your rooftop area, with 20 unit daily production of electricity. All this output is transferred to the local power grid. In the end, the energy company pays you for received energy.

net metering solar, gross metering