We Put Effort For Your Full Care


One of the most critical factors that drive a power plant to realize projected revenues. Our goal is to optimize our customers' power plants to produce the maximum amount of energy, and therefore revenue under their power purchase agreement, throughout its operational life. We have made significant investments in O&M technologies in order to develop and create a scalable and sustainable O&M platform. We well know that optimal operation and professional maintenance are the prerequisites for ensuring that a solar plant becomes a profitable financial investment.

Combining our experience in plant optimization and advanced diagnostics with our expert O&M staff, Rosol Energy Pvt Ltd. power plants always ensure the investment functions smoothly and without problems, continuously generates solid earnings and thus comfortably meets or even surpasses the profit expectations  

We Look After Your Yield

Rosol Energy well understands that optimal operation and professional upkeep are prerequisites for ensuring that a solar plant becomes a profitable financial investment. We believe that maintaining a plant is more than just “fixing” it. We expend maximum effort into preventing faults and keeping your plant performing at its best. With our operations and technology experience, Rosol Energy O&M services ensure a smooth and functional investment that continuously generates solid earnings and comfortably meets or surpasses profit expectations.

Greater System Performance and Higher Yields

We formulate and apply preventive and enhancing maintenance concepts leading to sustainability and optimized performance

Lower Costs

We customize preventive maintenance concepts. Our high-quality service and efficient administration consistently reduce levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).


Maintenance procedure

Regular cleaning of solar panels

Regularly maintenance of thermal based components

Regular Circuit testing

Testing for low power production

 Annual inspection

We operate the solar power plant before the hand over the project. Our engineering team finalize the annual inspection and maintenance, they will check all the hardware connection and coordinates with the all safety and precautions. And audit all the document as per the procedure.


Low voltage maintenance        

Connect all the grid to the solar power plant to the high-voltage connection are danger zone. Our engineering team will personally permit all the access. Maintenance must be checked by every two years and list all the issues if needed such as solar panel issue, short circuiting issue, earthing issue etc.

If it’s not done the Power Supply Company may cut your supply and power plant also.


Inverter Maintenance

Without the inverter solar power plant cannot perform. It is also known as the heart of solar power plant. Every inverter has its own proper heating and cooling system. Regularly changing the filter mats also recommend along with software update and cleaning of inverter.


Solar panel Maintenance

Cleaning of the solar panels very necessary in regular basis. Not cleaning the modules can effect on the generating of energy through the solar panels. While daylight, the dusty area of the panel cannot generate the electricity as much the cleaned area can do.