Solar EPC

Rosol Energy Pvt. Ltd. also work as an Solar EPC organization, Rosol will give you full support “your investment our hard work” As a company, we will assure you that we have our best team to do your solar energy project work.

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Solar Consultancy

We are the leading solar energy consultants. In Solar EPC Rosol have potential complete any kind of solar energy projects.

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Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering is a major part of solar epc which contains any type of layout like cabling, bos etc. We also submit all design to the MNRE for the approval of project.

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Project Report

A Detailed Project Report is one of the most Important documents to assess the feasibility Of project and to get financial closure.

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Technical Documents

ROSOL will provide technical documentation for every. Solar energy project we install or commission

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Project Execution

We have the capability to deliver at every Phase in Design, Engineering, Operation and maintenance.

What We Focus

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solar epc,  epc,  solar energy


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Utility Scale

From taking a project to hand over the project many steps will take under Solar EPC :- 

1st Step - Site Audit

First, we do the inspection of your rooftop area in residential section as per the kW project or field as well as parking lot for the commercial section. In this visit, we inspect the area that how many panels will connect or fit in which direction as per the procedure. Inverter location also comes where we have to connect, battery location (if required), meter box, sub-board (if required), no. of poles, no. of pillars  with their measurement (at point of common connection), roof profile with tape measurement, panel quantity, inverter quantity as per the given project, all of this we do in the site inspection.

  • Ask the homeowner if roof or ceiling leaks have ever occurred
  • Examine the roof visually
  • Give the full report if any type problem facing regarding the solar module installation


2nd Step - Design

Here ROSOL designing team will design the whole project as per the given kW project

Here we give you the-

solar epc,  epc,  solar energy

solar epc,  epc,  solar energy

solar epc,  epc,  solar energy

solar epc,  epc,  solar energy

solar epc,  epc,  solar energy

Here we also design the blueprint of your roof with all taken and specific measurement.

Where you can check all the panels quantity, positions of all panels with direction, positions of inverter, position of battery (if required)


3rd Step - Material

After the design, Rosol will deliver the material as per the requirement with all safety and precaution.

Material like-

Civil material






4th Step - Construction

Labor will construct all the structure as per the design under the Rosol Company engineering surveillance team.


5th Step - Installation

When the construction work will finish. The engineering team will fit all the equipment as per the procedure. The solar module will set towards the sun direction. All you need to mounted hardware after the panel will set all his position then a team will connect all the cables. Then they connect the inverter to the panel and also connect the battery
(if required) after that output will connect to your net meter and give supply to your household.


6th Step - Permitting

Rosol will do it for you. All the document requirement will inform you within the installation period. We will submit your all document to electricity supply authority then they will approve your request after that we connect the net meter to your household applies.   After the approval of net metering, you can sell your electricity directly to the government.


7th Step - Check & Monitoring

We will check all the connection solar panel to household applies. Teach you how to check and maintain all the equipment used in the solar plant. Verification of full solar power plant installed by Rosol. We will hand over the project to you as per the given date with all the original bills and our policy condition.