There are two types of agriculture solar which are very popular or irrigation method using now a days. First is Drip irrigation method and the second one is spray irrigation method. Both method has its benefits and proper contribution toward the conserving water through complete of deduction of uncontrolled flow and water waste.

Exact measures of water system water at proper stages and interim is vital for field generation. Techniques for water system need to be this kind of harvest, season and climate factors, soil sort and kind of Agriculture Solar water system utilized.

With quick evacuate in water system water and less water utilize productivity in usual techniques for water system, truthness in Agriculture Solar water system strategies have as of recently been presented.

Installation Of Solar Water Pump

While installing a solar pump first we use a compass to find the right direction of the solar modules in the northern hemisphere they must be faced towards south Southern hemisphere. They must be faced towards north then choose a shadow-free area and start the foundation procedure assemble all the objects before putting on the foundation.

First of all, put the base structure column on foundation and properly tighten the nuts of the foundation.

Secondly, put the assembled upper structure on base structure column use nut bolt to fit it put other components on structure according to the order found holes and tight with nut bolts after assembling module structure completely check seasonal tracking and daily tracking open Solar module from packing put them on ready structure one by one use clamp to fit the Solar modules.

After that, use anti-theft nut bolt to fix it connect all Solar modules cable according to the order assemble all solar modules according to order and make a solar system after putting all Solar modules on stand check seasonal tracking and daily tracking  and then connect Solar panels cables into the controller after connecting cables check voltage by dc multi meter start the pump installation .

Parts of Solar Pump Set

solar module

Solar Modules



Pump controller


Solar operated pump ( AC/DC)

Working Of A Solar Water Pumping System

The system works on control established by all section of solar modules. The Solar modules change the solar energy into Electricity, which is utilized for running the solar engine pump system. The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, lake, channel and so forth. The system requires a free shadow range for development of the solar modules.

A system with 1800 watt PV array capacity and  2 HP pump can give a water discharge of 1.4 lakh liters per day from a depth of 6 to 7 meters.

This quantity of water is considered adequate for irrigating about 5-8 acres of land holding for several crops.

Advantages of a Solar Water Pumping System

No Fuel Cost

Easy To Maintain

No Power Need

Easy To Handle

Long Lasting Life


How It Works.?

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