Solar for Residential

India enjoy over 300 days of sunshine every year. Energy from the sun can potentially solve India’s perennial power crisis of time to come, because the sun’s energy will never get exhausted. Solar energy is clean, renewable and inexhaustible. With solar power you can enjoy self-reliance by production your own power, while also saving on huge electric bills. Rosol Energy Pvt Ltd is one of the India's leading solar installer and system integrator for residential power needs. 

Let us do the work for you whatever type of roof you have, we are experts and years of experience in designing, supplying and installing and commissioning of rooftop solar power plant. 

Benefits Of Solar Power System

Energy generation from very first day

Cost-effective solution for electricity

Reduce your electricity bill

Avoid future electricity prices rises

Add value to your property

Free energy from sun for next 25 years

Working of Solar

Sun for solar

We all know the sun is the collection of hydrogen and helium which is also called as a nuclear reactor. It releases tiny particle of energy we call them rays. “Sun gives us a light” all we know about that. However, sun helps to generate the power we call them solar energy. Solar technology is improving rapidly and the cost is also dropping continuously. In the coming years, we all able to enjoy the advantages electricity from solar energy power plant.

Sun rays to panels

Solar panels are the collection of solar cells. Solar cells are made up of silicon. The constructed with positive and negative layers like a battery to create the energy. When the sun rays drop on the panels the cells get activated by this and generate the electricity even in the dim rays.

Panel to inverter

Here the electricity comes to the inverter from the solar panels in the form of DC (Direct Current). The solar inverter takes the DC from solar panels and converts them into the AC (Alternative Current). The inverter also called the heart of the solar which regulates or convert the electricity as per the use. Along with that it also provides the ground fault protection, maximum power tracking.

Inverter to Net Meter

We connect the line of an inverter to the net meter. A net meter is like the calculator which shows you the electricity in a digital way. It shows you that how much electricity you have consumed in a day, in a month or in a year. It also compared the record of energy sent and energy received from the grid. By the installing of net meter, you can sell your electricity directly to the government.

This is How it Works

With Net Metering
Without Net Metering

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