Solar Installation

Solar Installation & Commissioning is the core part of Rosol Energy. Our expert engineers with the vast experience deliver In the great quality  & service. In solar panel installation, we provide Services include delivery of material to final mounting structure with full precautions & safety with the given period of time. In Commission, we double check the fittings of equipment & earthing with all safety measures beforehand over you the final project.

Solar Panel Installation Procedure

solar installation, solar panel installation, solar panels

solar installation, solar panel installation, solar panels

solar installation, solar panel installation, solar panels

solar installation, solar panel installation, solar panels

solar installation, solar panel installation, solar panels

solar installation, solar panel installation, solar panels

1. Solar Panels or Module work great when there is no shade upon them.

2. We arrange all the materials as required in the given project according to the design created by our engineer.

3. Nowadays there are new challenges while manufacturing & handling of solar panels. Our specialist takes care of all the material handling as it is a risk of handling the solar panels without any safety & precautions. If a single cell of solar panels damage during solar panel installation while handling by an inexperienced person it can spoil the whole panel which can increase your expense. We ensure you that our engineers will provide you material without damaging.

4. There are 4 types of roof structure:-

a. RCC Roof

b. Metal Sheet Roof

c. Asbestos sheet roof

d. Ground mounted

Every rooftop has its own structure & design for the solar panels, Rosol will yield services for a civil foundation for your rooftop area which includes use of modern technology & latest machines. Our Specials civil workers construct the Civil foundation as per the mounting structure or as per the design under the supervision of our expert engineer.

5. Two Cables installed AC & DC on the solar panels 

DC Cable used from Solar Panels to Inverter

AC Cable used form Inverter to Net Meter (if permit)

After all, the connecting with all the solar panels with each other the main DC Cable wire connected to the Array Junction Box or Solar Junction Box. After that  We install the inverter as per the design with all calculated measurement according to the KW Project then we connect the AJB wire to the inverter where it converts the Energy from DC  to AC then we the inverter output wire directly connected to the ACDB which is also known as energy meter. After that we connect ACDB Wire to LT & HT Panels then we connect LT Panels to the main meter panel and we connect the meter wire to the household applies.




Commissioning of solar power plant includes visual perceptions and in additional tests and estimations to confirm the secure and reasonable operation of the solar system. Commissioning and installation are performed quickly after solar plant installation is finished. An exhaustive commissioning process enhances security and quality control, gives check the installation matches the plans and code details, and is executing as per the required.

Finishing the final installation with each & every detail

Completing engineering inspection on the site

Identify compliance with requirement of NEC

Organizing electrical verification tests on plant manually.

Verifying solar power plant output

Completing all the required documentation of the system with changes including built drawings.

Inspecting all the components are installed in a plant with all neat & workable manner.

Completing any unresolved items

Site clean up & restoring size the site to original condition

Solar Installation and Commissioning services include

  • Material Handling
  • Site Preparation
  • Structure Mounting
  • Module Mounting
  • Cabling and Interconnection
  • Inverter Erection and Installation
  • Execution as per design with proper methodology
  • Interconnection to grid power
  • System performance testing
  • Projects completed on schedule