Solar Project Management

Rosol Energy Pvt. Ltd. provides complete service of solar project management which includes design and engineering, project procurement, balance of supply, installation and management. Our experienced in-house team can effectively complete your project within the given period of time which can save your money and time.


Why You Should Outsource The Project ?

Yes we provide solar modules on very large scales

solar project management


Yes we provide solar inverters on very large scales

solar project management


We Reduce Your

Man Power

We provide you the experience and expert engineers with sufficient arrangement to fullfill your all the needs of man power for your project


We will save your time as much as can for sure because our motto is maximum work minimum time and we know how precise is your time


We will deliver you durable and best quality products which is easy to operate and years of guarantee in affordable prices like never before

Rosol Energy Pvt. Ltd. does the work as per the consumers need with all company's strategy

In solar project management we provide our best engineers to reduce your stress, where you can find all the facility in our company, here we respect your time and money with so we can manage your time for you as well as your precious money for you.


What We Cordinate

Project Procurement(PP)

 Our global supply chain network and specific procurement procedures with strong purchasing power & ensure the timely delivery of high quality modules and BOS components to construction sites.

Design & Engineering(D&E)

We provide Design consultancy in Solar Projects.Our design and engineering expert team provides sophisticated, professional services from the preliminary project development stage through commissioning. 



Balance Of Supply(BOS)

 Balance of system (BOS) the implanting of all components of a solar power system with the exception of solar panels. This include wiring, ACDB/DCDB, switches, lightening arrester connector, mounting system, protection device etc.

Installation & Commission(I&C)

Installation & Commissioning is the core part of Rosol Energy. In an installation, we provide Services include delivery of material to final mounting structure with full precautions & safety with the given period of time.