October 12, 2017



Utility Scale Solar : From Site Audit to hand over the projects to the long-lasting maintenance of the solar power plant, we take care of your projects across the life-cycle of a plant. We commit to our clients have all the essential resources they require for a project. Our clients are proud owners of with 1% - to 4% as compared to rest power plants around them.

Our In-house team of design & engineering, construction teams efficient enough to execute the work flawlessly. Our clients are getting benefits of our consulting team that make provide them gain and understand the clarity of our procedure including policies, land, financing and helps them to received the approvals for the installation of solar power system.

Rosol Energy also believes that their experience engineering ensures clients to receive maximum benefits. From kW to W are still ongoing projects under Rosol Energy. Rosol Energy is one of the leading EPC players in India. We commissioned & executed various projects includes rooftop solar, utility-scaled tower  DG – PV hybrids to name few.


In Large Amount Generation

In utility scale solar power plant create a large amount of electricity that transmitted from one plant to many others users through the grid. A utility scale power plant can resist the many others solar collectors. Rapidly increasing of utility scale solar plant become the more important components for every country. The only power generated by sunlight by this it occur only during daylight hours in other climate conditions like fog, clouds, rain, it will not work properly.

The installation capacity of solar in mW projects or gW projects are the utility scale projects. Where you can generate the electricity to provide others. Solar technology has become the important energy supply all across the world. The deduction in the cost of solar improving the installation of solar plant in very large scale which also improve the development, reducing the need for subsidies. Drop in prices help in increasing the curiosity level in the developed economies for the solar plants. Increasing in the cost of diesel, petrol for generator has driven the interest level in solar projects. Many others emerging companies have their own resources but because of the cost and other problems they have adopted the solar policies after realizing the benefits in solar power plants. Also the solar installation can be built within the 6 to 12 months maximum as compared the hydro and others power plants project that require 4 to 5 years to complete.

Benefits For Utility Scale Solar  

Reduce Carbon Footprints

Reduction in System Failures

Constant Value Over The Life

Increase In Reliability

Built In Storage Capacity

Increased Transmission Capacity